Standing Up For A Character

You may be a character, but that doesn’t mean you have character. So says our dear friend zedzded (hereafter referred to as Z) who writes at

Why have I come out of my long hibernation to post here? Because my heart bleeds for dear Z. Z has accompanied blackmamba on her jaunts across the Atlantic. And visited Veena. With them both, Z dutifully wolfed down extra-large portions at the 24×7 food festival that their trip turned out to be. If that were not enough, Z is even bm’s sibling. Real honest-to-goodness born-to-the-same-mother-and-father sibling. And if even that were not enough, Z and bm are also apartment-mates.

Yet bm and Veena have treated Z’s blog with a studied indifference. No references at all! The word “disowned” comes to mind. Why has this happened? Because Z appreciates fine musicians like Amit Paul.

Um, that’s an understatement. Actually Z is the founder and admin for the Amit Paul fans website linked above. ๐Ÿ™‚

Be that as it may, bas karo ye nainsaafi. Garibi hatao! Blogroll mein naam lagaa do! Amit Paul Zindabaad!

Let it be known that even those with character need not be characters. Even if they were characters, if said characters type in enough characters into a blog, other characters with character can put some characters into their blogrolls to link to the characters on the original character’s blog. That’s character. (Reading this paragraph thrice daily is recommended for curing confusion.)

PS: Z, please to return the favor and link to bm’s and Veena’s blogs from your own blogroll, in addition to the Amit Paul link. And if all this doesn’t work, start commenting on their blogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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