Hunt-n-peck on Dvorak

Once again I’ve taken up the Dvorak keyboard layout. I’ve switched to Dvorak on my primary workstation and my laptops. After years of touch-typing on qwerty, I’m back to hunt-n-peck and learning the new layout.

The last time I tried this, it didn’t last very long. Wish me better luck this time.

Why do it?

As a learning test. How long does it take to memorize new key positions? Both brain and muscle memory are involved.

Supposedly Dvorak is easier on the hands — though this is a subject of dispute.

In the half-day that I’ve used it, I’ve drawn the new layout on a beige keyboard with a Sharpie, unlearned the vim keys, taken tutorials online, appreciated the Windows on-screen keyboard, and realized the difference between an English mix of letters and an engineering / coding mix.

Let’s see how this goes!

Update at end of day 1: 15 to 20 wpm without looking at the keyboard!

Update at end of day 2: 20 to 25 wpm. The switch is going well!

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