Holy Matrimony, Here We Come

The long-awaited time has come, to hit the yoga mat with a vengeance and start a wedding blog. It’s official folks, S and I are getting married to each other in a few weeks.

The wedding will be in Houston and will be conducted in the Gujju style, so the wedding blog shall be called My Big Fat Gujju Wedding. Upon hearing this a friend asked, “With Dhoklas and all?” Yes, it will be with Dhoklas and all. (The wedding, that is; not the blog.) It will be followed by a reception in Mumbai in the Iyer style.

To announce the momentous news, we created a nice save-the-date as a jpeg and e-mailed it out to everyone we wanted to invite. The mass mailing didn’t have the intended effect. For many recipients, it promptly went into their junk mail folder.

The groom’s dad has arrived in the US, a few weeks ahead of the wedding. During his first weekend here, like Lord Ram being welcomed back to Ayodhya, he was greeted by a torrential downpour. Not one to be deterred by a little water, the groom proceeded to drive his rental car into a flooded intersection with the groom’s dad and the bride’s dad as passengers. The car wasn’t as amphibious as he had hoped; the engine stalled and died. After the car had been pushed out of the flood into a safe parking area, the downpour continued. While the groom was on the phone for towing, the two sambandhis happily browsed a tile and carpet store, relaxed on a couch in their lobby, watched basketball, and enjoyed their complimentary coffee. They seemed to have hit it off very well that day. A good sign.

A few friends have blogged about the run-up to their weddings, most prominently Veena. We shall take things a step further by live-blogging from the mandap.

On second thoughts, that is so 2004. We shall have to Tweet instead. Here’s what it might look like:

Groom Where did I put my shoes? Can’t seem to find them now. Is this a trick??
5:15 pm from mobile

Bride Just married!!!
4:09 pm from mobile

Groom Just married.
4:07 pm from mobile

Groom_sis They are tying the knot now… It’s official peoples!
4:01 pm from mobile

Bride_sis Got his shoes! Ka-ching!! $$$ LoLz How much should I ask for?
3:35 pm from mobile

UK_dost This religious wedding mumbo-jumbo is too much only. I would never go through anything like this. Again, that is.
3:33 pm from mobile

Groom Starting the ceremonies now. Too much glare from the priest’s bald head. I’ve called for my sunglasses from the car.
3:15 pm from mobile

Bride We’re stuck in traffic, but so was the make-up lady and asstnt. Getting make-up done now in the back seat of her Honda.
2:53 pm from mobile

Groom Groom’s party exhausted from baaraat dancing in the afternoon heat. Two cousins just dived into the tub of Rasna in the dining hall.
2:45 pm from mobile

If you’re new to the Twitter phenomenon, follow my Twitter stream at http://twitter.com/anoopiyer.

For those who are asking about the wedding registry: we don’t have one. Gifts in blessings only, please. For those who will still insist, we say that the only thing we plan to buy in the next few months is a car. Now that’s too much to ask as a wedding gift, so we’ve broken down the car into its component parts. We’re creating a custom wedding registry website with a list of car parts and assemblies you can sponsor (driver’s seat, passenger seat, engine, transmission, suspension, headlights, etc.). When all is done, after a little manual labor, we hope to end up with a gently used Infiniti G35 or Nissan Maxima.

Next up: Elementary Gujarati, as learnt by a lifelong Iyer.

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2 Responses to Holy Matrimony, Here We Come

  1. Mohan says:

    Anoop-ji Congratulations to you and ‘S’ :). looking forward to read your next post 🙂

  2. PC says:

    Really good! Congrats dude!

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