Must Eat Healthy

The sandwich was home-made and all organic, and contained the best tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, artichoke hearts, basil, and a dash of olive oil. She glanced around to check if anyone was watching, then quickly walked over to the homeless man sitting at the corner nearest her office building, and thrust the sandwich into his hands before walking into the Taco Bell nearby.

Her husband meanwhile was walking into the supermarket on his lunch break, and walked straight past the produce section to the one item his wife wouldn’t let him buy on their regular weekend grocery run. Dry roasted jumbo Virginia peanuts. With an odd mix of glee and guilt he quickly paid for the 1-pound bag and smuggled it into his cubicle where he would enjoy it over the week.

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One Response to Must Eat Healthy

  1. Lakshmi says:


    Daane daane par likha hain khaane waale ka naam!

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