DropBox for Online Backup and More

DropBox is a cool idea, very well implemented. Thanks to Genotrance for tweeting about it.

It starts with online backup of your data. I’ve wanted this for a while. Install the DropBox client on your system, create an account, and start putting your stuff into “My DropBox”. Everything inside that folder is automatically sync’ed up to their servers. You can even access all folders and files from their website. So far so good.

Then comes sync between two or more computers you own. Once you install the DropBox client on two systems, the data in your DropBox stays synced to both your computers. Modify on one, have it synced magically to the other. Neat!

Next: I have a folder with several files I’m collaborating on with my wife. I add it to my DropBox and share it online with her to her DropBox. Now we can both modify files in that folder from our respective computers. No more emailing attachments back and forth. Cool!

There’s also a “My Pictures” folder inside your DropBox. If you drop your pics to that folder, the website creates a flash-based gallery for you to share with friends and family. Since I’m on Flickr I don’t see myself using that feature much… except for quick-n-dirty picture shares perhaps.

Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux? Check.

Security? They say all data is SSL encrypted during transfer and all files are 256-bit AES-encrypted on disk (Amazon’s S3). Obviously the security of DropBox’s software and architecture also matter a lot. So far I haven’t stored anything sensitive on DropBox. I can see myself using encryption in future. (Some people are storing TrueCrypt volumes on DropBox.)

Free to try? Check. You can keep using it for free with 2GB of space, with paid upgrades to 50GB and 100GB. And if you refer others to it, you get additional space. If you want to try DropBox, click on the image below, and you and I will both get 250 extra megabytes (drool).

Get DropBox

Go on, try it. You know you want it. 🙂

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One Response to DropBox for Online Backup and More

  1. genotrance says:

    Thanks for the plug Anoopi.

    I find Dropbox very useful. Apart from important files, I have a whole bunch of portable apps stored there so all my machines inherit them without having to reinstall. Updating them on one machine does it for all.

    I can now quit Firefox on one machine and start it up on another and all my bookmarks, open tabs and cookies are taken across. Seamless.

    Especially useful for me since I have five machines I use (including some VMs).

    Keep Dropboxing.

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