New Books for Old

Want to exchange your old books for different ones that you haven’t read?

Open an account at and list your old books there. Soon you’ll get your first request from someone out there that wants one of your books. Then populate your wish list into the site with books you want to read. Someone out there will have some of them, and you’ll get notified.

For each book you give, you can get one book in return. Shipping is the only expense.

Btw it’s not just for paperbacks. Any book is welcome. They also run  CD and DVD swap sites, if you’re seriously  into swapping music and movies.

I’ve given away fifteen books, and I’ve received eight from my wish list. I’ve still got about ten more to give away, and about a similar number on my wish list. Check out “my bookshelf”, and if you want any of those books, drop me a line.

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