Haiti and Art of Living

Message from Brian Carver, US national coordinator for YES!+

One of our YES!+ teachers (Uma Viswanathan) has been working tirelessly in the country of Haiti for more than a year, and now she is working to coordinate a relief effort in partnership with the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and the Art of Living Foundation. Please take a few moments to read this email and consider contributing yourself to these relief efforts and perhaps volunteering your time to have even more of a positive impact on those in need.

What happens when the heart of your nation, its financial and political capital, is virtually destroyed? What happens when at least 200,000 of your family and friends are crushed by collapsing buildings and 3 million people — 1/3 of the population — lose their families, their homes, their livelihoods – everything they’ve ever known?

You lose hope.

Martine leads a group of Art of Living youth leaders in Carrefour, Haiti, near Port au Prince. She emailed a report and pictures of the street children the group is working with. She signed off with “I love you. Big kisses.” This email was sent just hours before the earthquake ripped open her neighborhood. Martine, 22, wants to dedicate her life to empowering her people. She is starting her teacher training this summer. We haven’t heard from her since the earthquake.

“My Haitian students are fierce and proud, with incredible devotion and resilience. When they smile, they light up a room. There’s a depth in their eyes that comes from a deep connection with both pain and love. Whenever they start any activity, they pray. When hardship comes, they pray. God is almost always on their minds. They are praying right now.” — Uma Viswanathan, Art of Living Teacher

Dr. RoseMarie Toussaint, a surgeon and Art of Living Teacher, talks lovingly of her homeland. “Being born and raised in Port-au-Prince, I am devastated by what has happened to my people, my friends and family. My country is suffering. I want to jump on a plane right now to help. But I need help to make a real difference.”

Donate now at www.iahv.org, click on Haiti. 100% of your donations go to support:

– Immediate supplies and food
– Trauma relief programs
– Long-term rehabilitation programs

Fundraise. Host a Fundraising Event. Spread this letter.

For more information, write to Uma

Thank you for your continued support and dedication in uplifting the people around you.

Best Regards,
Brian Carver
US YES+ National Coordinator

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