Photo Talk: Three Blogs

There are thousands of good photo-blogs that get regularly updated with good content. Half the active accounts on Flickr can be considered photo-blogs, including mine, so millions is probably a better estimate. Here are three photo-bloggers I follow on my RSS reader.

David duChemin (The Pixelated Image)

“Gear is good. Vision is better.” David is the author of a few e-books. Traditional photography books demand high-fidelity printing on glossy paper and distribution through a network of bookstores. duChemin’s e-books don’t. They are PDFs that you can download from the web for $5 each. Speaking as a buyer and as an admirer of duChemin’s work, that price is a steal. I suspect it also works out better for the author. Through e-books and his blog, (1) he reaches a wider audience than he would with paper books; (2) production time is much shorter; and (3) the cost is much lower, so more people buy; and (4) he probably earns more money per book this way.

He has written two e-books with tips for new photographers. I like them both. If you have an interest in photography, they’re worth your time and money. The first is titled “10. Ten ways to improve your craft. None of them involve buying gear.”

Ten Ten More

More of duChemin’s e-books are on his Craft & Vision website.

Hmm… maybe I can put together an e-book with pics someday. 🙂

Jeff Lynch (Serious Amateur Photography)

Jeff Lynch’s photographic passion is Texas Hill Country landscapes. I considered the Texas Hill Country to be a place of muted splendor. Our trees don’t grow very tall; our hills and our waterfalls are modest; the summer heat turns everything dull brown. We don’t have any dramatic landscapes like Utah’s rock gardens or the Dakotas’ badlands. But Jeff coaxes out the beauty of the Hill Country in his images, and also explains on his blog the craft behind some of those images. Some of the places he shoots are less than an hour away for me, and one park (McKinney Falls) is only three miles from my previous workplace. He has shown me my surroundings in an entirely new light (pun unintended).

Sam Javanrouh (Daily Dose of Imagery)

Sam Javanrouh posts one picture every day, without fail… which he has been doing since 2003! Much of his work is slice-of-life photography in Toronto. It’s a beautiful collection.

Studying The Masters

Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson are my two favorite old-timer photographers. I can never get enough of their work. 🙂

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One Response to Photo Talk: Three Blogs

  1. Nisha says:

    Nice! Especially the Toronto one.

    I’ve been following one Zubin Pastakia’s blog. His cinema project is my favorite

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