Upma and Chai

Shraddha got up late this morning (unusual for a Monday). I entered the kitchen and made vegetable upma with gusto. The smoke alarm didn’t go off. The upma tasted fine.

Nothing like starting the week off on a successful high note of awesomeness and productivity, right?

When I was done making it, Shraddha came in and took a look at my efforts. She took a minute or so, and then asked, “What is this?”

* * *

On a related note, if you’re offered chai at a Gujju family home, sip it, nod and say “Wagh Bakri, right?” It will help you score points and connect with your hosts on a deeply personal level.

* * *

YES!+ is happening this week in Austin. The week will continue on a high note of awesomeness!

PS: She just tasted the upma and said “Hmm… pretty good!”

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5 Responses to Upma and Chai

  1. Inkgirl says:

    That’s hilarious.

    At least my dad’s worse than you.

  2. Kalpesh says:

    Go east go west, http://www.waghbakritea.com/ is THE best!

  3. Nisha says:

    The upma was pretty good indeed 🙂

  4. Vishnu says:

    wow, u r one enthu bugger, u get up in the morning and make upma?!!? good going 🙂

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