Light, Action, Camera

How can I take better pictures?

Light. Photography starts with “photos”, light. If you don’t have sufficient good light, you don’t have anything to shoot.

At one end of the spectrum, casual party shooters generate their own light using on-camera flash. At the other extreme, professionals generate their own light using multiple strobes. Some keep it simple and use “available light”.

Action. Whom or what are you shooting? From what angle? Close up or wide? How much “dead space” can you eliminate? How low or high is your perspective? Is a tree or light pole growing out of your subject’s head?

Camera. The third step is the equipment you shoot with, the camera body and the lens. Unfortunately many people spend money and attention on this step and miss the first two steps. If you aren’t paying attention to light and composition, a new camera will not buy you much.

Upgrading your camera is a good step, but a better step is to improve your own skills. Study and experiment with light and composition. Read. Study the masters. Shoot in ways you haven’t shot before. Share your pictures and browse other people’s pictures. This is a lifelong process, and it’s also a lot of fun.

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One Response to Light, Action, Camera

  1. Nisha says:

    Haha. You stole the ‘upgrade yourself’ from Bawa 🙂

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