Making Life a Celebration… on the Road

In April 2007 I was driving to the Blessings Course venue in Wimberley TX, a 45-minute drive from Austin. I was heading south on Ranch Road 12 from Dripping Springs towards Wimberley. I was the lead organizer and I was going there early.

RR 12 is a Texas hill country road where you can have some fun pushing your car through some curves without endangering lives or property. So off I went, enjoying the drive.

However RR 12 is also a single lane road in places, and soon enough I got stuck behind a slow moving SUV. For several miles I fretted as the driver ahead of me made slow stately progress and I was treated to the view of the massive rump of a Toyota Sequoia.

At the first opportunity when the road split into two lanes, I swiftly downshifted, revved up my engine and sped past the SUV. Good riddance!

After a few minutes I realized that the SUV was no longer crawling slowly. It had sped up and started following me with a vengeance.

The faster I went, the faster this driver sped to catch up with me. Through the hills and curves of the 55 mph zone I was pushing my car at 70, and the SUV was doing its best to follow me. Some 15 miles later, I left the main road and drove through the mile or so of residential roads to get to my destination, and this SUV kept following! It finally pulled up behind my car at the gate of our course venue.

Warily I got out of my car and looked back, only to find an exuberant group of our Art of Living folks getting out of the SUV with a cheerful “Jai Gurudev!”

Turns out they were on their way to the course like me, but didn’t have precise directions. When they saw my car on RR 12, with the bumper sticker that reads “Art of Living: Make Life a Celebration,” the opportunity to follow me there was too good to pass up!

This isn’t the only such story. That bumper sticker is very handy at national level Art of Living events. I expect I’ll have more such stories from our LA celebrations in mid-April. πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Making Life a Celebration… on the Road

  1. AparnA says:

    Nice idea……… Good blog to read.. πŸ™‚

  2. sujay says:

    this story is hilarious ! i guess following the lead (of the) organizer is easier said than done …

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