Wanted: Electrical Engineers

My group at AMD is looking for electrical and computer engineering professionals with backgrounds in

  • processor architecture
  • performance modeling
  • workload analysis
  • platform performance
  • platform power
  • IO performance

We have about 20 positions open at various sites in the US (Austin, Sunnyvale, Boston) and a few in Bangalore. In general terms we’re looking for new grads with Masters degrees in Electrical and computer Engineering, and also engineers with industry experience.

My almost eight years at AMD Austin have been great. I’ve been exposed to a variety of roles and responsibilities and given ample opportunities to learn. I have much to be thankful for.

Due to recent economic conditions, there are now more job-seekers than in the past. But over the years I’ve also learnt first-hand how much time and effort it takes to find, hire, and retain good engineers and build up a strong team with a specific skill set… it’s not easy!

Send those resumes my way — to my firstname dot lastname at amd.com.

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One Response to Wanted: Electrical Engineers

  1. geekay says:

    By chance came across your blogs…what a presentation and vocabulary, fantastic….
    best wishes….


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