Happy July 4th

Today was my first July 4th after becoming a permanent resident of the US, and Shraddha’s tenth. We watched the Austin July 4th fireworks for the first time, from the top floor of my company’s parking garage. I had my 200 mm lens at f/4 and ISO 1600 on a tripod in windy conditions (far from ideal, but why not?).

My first July 4th as a US permanent resident

This image is also my blog’s header now. Btw, the archive of past header images of my blog is on the Headers page — it’s worth checking out if you’ve been reading my blog through a feed reader like Google Reader and missing the header images.

There has been something else going on for us over the July 4th long weekend in Austin… a pic or two will follow soon!

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2 Responses to Happy July 4th

  1. Lakshmi says:

    “Something else going on for us” makes me curious… 🙂

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