Everyone should visit at least one national park each year!

Shraddha and I, along with her parents, spent the labor day weekend in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. What a treat! We enjoyed the mountain peaks, lakes, hiking trails, waterfalls, babbling brooks, the sight of the treeline (above which trees don’t grow), a hike in the alpine tundra above the treeline (super windy and cold!), a scenic drive along a dirt road in the mountains, and more. It was a fantastic getaway from the 100F heat of Texas, but we weren’t fully expecting the 40F cold up in the mountains either… quite a contrast.

On Monday we were up and about in the park before sunrise. There is something magical about the hour of dawn. If you have taken the time and trouble to go to a national park in the first place, you absolutely must (at least on one day) drag yourself out of bed before dawn and see the sun rising from inside the park. You will not regret it. Some pictures are below…

Before sunrise:

Before Sunrise, Rocky Mountains

Bear Lake and Hallett’s Peak just after sunrise:

Bear Lake and Hallett's Peak After Sunrise

Nymph Lake:

Nymph Lake

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3 Responses to Rockies

  1. Matt George says:

    I love the color element of art in the sunrise and pattern in the lily pads.

  2. boy, these are beautiful! I love Colorado and I love this park! the sunrise is amazing.

  3. Shakthi says:

    Wow. Those are amazing.

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