The World Culture Festival

The World Culture Festival at Berlin was full of wonders. It was an unabashed celebration of the divinity that we all are. I was taken aback by how many countries’ flags I saw in the crowd. I was surprised by the cold and rainy weather in Berlin in July, and then quite pleased to see that no amount of rain and cold could put a damper on the performers or the spectators. I was thrilled to have a great selection of vegetarian delicacies to eat at the festival grounds. Happy to meet Swami Pragyapad, one of my favorite teachers, and meditate with him during his session at the Yoga Park. Very happy to see political, spiritual, and social leaders from around the world commend and celebrate Art of Living’s 30th anniversary. Enchanted by the exquisite dances and music from around the world. Stunned at the sheer magnitude of the event: participants from 150 countries, over a thousand guitarists playing in unison, a piano ensemble playing in unison, eight hundred yogis doing asanas in the stadium, many performers singing or dancing, and a few tens of thousands of people cheering and celebrating.

Above all, humbled that an initiative from one great soul, Guruji, could lead to a worldwide movement that could bring about such a big meeting of hearts and minds for the most noble cause possible ā€” love, peace, humanity, divinity. And last but not the least, grateful for the opportunity to be present at such an occasion! šŸ™‚

A slideshow of some of my pictures is below. (Click through to this post if your RSS reader doesn’t show it.)

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