Taking for Granted

“Oh my goodness, how do people handle such crazy traffic?! Why can’t they be more disciplined on the road?”

That was my mental reaction on the day I landed in India after the first year and a half of living in the US… notwithstanding that I was born and raised in India.

Fast forward to July 2011, after a decade of living and driving in the US. I arrived back in Austin after a family vacation in Switzerland and Germany. Over ten days, I had driven 2,400 kilometers on European highways. Particularly in Germany I was impressed with how disciplined the drivers were. The very next day, all I could think of during my commute to work was:

“Oh my goodness, why are these slowpokes blocking the fast lane? These guys should learn from the Germans how to yield to faster traffic on highways.”

Isn’t it amazing how fast our mind gets used to something and takes it for granted?

Here’s a viral video from a couple of years ago from comedian Louis CK that’s worth watching, if you haven’t already. It’s titled Everything’s Amazing, and Nobody’s Happy, which has a lot of truth to it. Enjoy! 🙂 (Those on RSS readers, click through to the post for the video, it’s worth it.)

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