Interpreting Dreams, Making Tea

Early this morning Shraddha was telling me about her dream. It was quite weird, and before we could make sense of it I remembered Guruji’s talk on Five Types of Dreams.

Premonitions are the first type of dream — related to the future. We sometimes get these, don’t we? The second type is from impressions of the past that we’ve gathered in our consciousness; this must be familiar to all. The third is related to our desires and our fears; Guruji says in his talk that these two are both the same thing really. The fourth is related to the energy of the place we are in. When we travel to foreign lands, sometimes even our dreams are strange and foreign. The fifth type of dream is a mixture of all the other four types.

Since the fifth type is the most common, says Guruji, interpreting dreams is usually a waste of time!

I shared all of this with Shraddha and proceeded to tell a story from Guruji’s talk. A saint once told his disciple early in the morning, “I had a dream last night, can you help me interpret it?” The student remained silent. Again the saint asked, “Can you help me interpret my dream?” The disciple then brought a cup of tea from the kitchen and set it in front of the master. Once again the saint posed the question, “So can you help me interpret my dream?” The disciple, without a word, pushed the cup close to the master so that the aroma of the tea wafted into the Master’s nostrils.

Guruji says fools try to find meaning in dreams. Wisdom is in realizing that this reality itself is a dream. The disciple was answering the master without words, that the dream is over, wake up to the reality now; drink your tea! The master was pleased. The disciple had passed his test.

Upon hearing this, Shraddha said, “Will you interpret my dream?” I said of course not, didn’t you hear the story I just told you?” Again she said, “So will you interpret my dream?” With a tinge of annoyance I said, “No.” Again she asked, “Please, will you interpret my dream?” with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Then I realized — all she wanted was for me to go to the kitchen, make our morning tea and bring it to her! 🙂

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3 Responses to Interpreting Dreams, Making Tea

  1. Aparna says:

    Good one, Shraddha!

  2. very hilarious, most of the times I interpret my own dream 🙂

  3. Wish I too get regular dreams and Aparna interpret it for me regularly!

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