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Kumare: An Unwitting Guru

Guru and self are no different. What you seek is within you. What you see outside of you, including me, could well be all an illusion. So said Kumare the “false Guru” to his students, as shown in the movie … Continue reading

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Daily: Sun Salutations in January

Daily is a powerful practice. Over the month of January, I’ve certainly experienced this… again. Last year our friends R & A got us started on a challenge of doing 1008 sun salutations each during the month of January. Not … Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence

Excerpts from an email I just shared with the Art of Living Austin group: I just attended an intensive silence course with Philip this past weekend at the ashram, along with many others from Austin. I was initially not enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Interpreting Dreams, Making Tea

Early this morning Shraddha was telling me about her dream. It was quite weird, and before we could make sense of it I remembered Guruji’s talk on Five Types of Dreams. Premonitions are the first type of dream — related … Continue reading

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Taking for Granted

“Oh my goodness, how do people handle such crazy traffic?! Why can’t they be more disciplined on the road?” That was my mental reaction on the day I landed in India after the first year and a half of living … Continue reading

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Occasional Brahmin, and Brothers ‘n’ Sisters

The full moon day of this lunar calendar month is celebrated in some south Indian families as Aavani Avittom. On this day every year, Hindu brahmins change their sacred thread for a new one. Since I do not practice sandhya … Continue reading

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Electronics and Optics, Some Geek Talk

I am usually very careful with my cameras and lenses, but on my recent trip to Europe, I dropped my precious Canon 70-200 f/4 lens… thrice. <bleep>. At the end of the trip, the lens still worked but there was … Continue reading

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