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Krypton Community College in Austin

I recently started following Seth Godin’s blog. His blog is a treasure trove of inspiration and insight, all available for free! Reading these ideas online is not the same as implementing any of them. For those who would like to … Continue reading

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Paryushan Dos and Don’ts

Paryushan, the 8-day festival for Jains, started today. I’ve blogged about Paryushan before (Micchami Dukkadam; Paryushan; What to Eat for Paryushan Week). To me, Jainism is a lifestyle more than a religion. The five main concepts I associate with Jainism … Continue reading

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What to Eat for Paryushan Week?

This post may be late for 2011 Paryushan since today is the last day, Samvatsari. Let me start by saying Michhami Dukkadam to all. I always run out of ideas about what to cook during the Paryushan week. As you … Continue reading

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Why Do the Yesplus Workshop? (Part 2)

Here’s the second set of experiences shared by Austin Yesplus participants. (You have read the first part, haven’t you? The question we asked Yesplus graduates was “Tell me the most important reason why someone should do Yesplus.”) First stress release. … Continue reading

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Why Do the Yesplus Workshop? (Part 1)

One of our good friends Manjunath asked us to write the top ten reasons why one should do Yesplus. I thought about it and decided to ask all the participants who have completed the workshop in Austin the same question. … Continue reading

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Silence with Philip Fraser

Shraddha here. I wrote this post on my computer back in January right after I came home from an Intensive Part 2 course (now called Art of Silence course) and then promptly forgot all about it. Here it is in … Continue reading

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Shraddha here… Anoop has been telling me to be a guest blogger on his blog for a while now. He finally gave me the idea to write a post on Paryushan and so I happily used Wikipedia and copy-pasted along … Continue reading

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