A partial list of blogs I read:

Art of Living

  • Wisdom from Sri Sri: Regular posts from Guruji’s evening satsangs and other talks. If you can follow and read only one blog, this should be it.
  • Bawa n Dinesh: Dynamic Art of Living teachers, founders of the YES!+ movement, prolific bloggers. This is the coolest blog in all of Art of Living.
  • Vikram Hazra: Dynamic Art of Living teacher, singer extraordinaire.


  • Yossarian Lives: Veena, the traveler’s traveler, with occasional guest posts from husband Susmit.
  • Manjunath’s Thoughts: Manju is a “Dil Se” (straight from the heart) blogger.
  • Edoocation: News from Milind who’s taken on a 2-year adventure teaching under-privileged kids in Mumbai.
  • Black Mamba: Eclectic writings from Hema.


Everything Else

  • Seth Godin: Writings on business, marketing, and new media; very insightful.
  • Joel on Software: Writings on software and management from Joel Spolsky